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How to Make an Online Dating Profile That Gets Winks

Wondering how to make a profile for an online dating site? Need some guidance?  Here are some tips and examples of what makes a good online dating profile for both men and women. Guaranteed to get you noticed..

1 – Use captivating Online Dating Profile Pictures

So the truth is, pictures are THE most important part of your profile. Period. I know what you’re going to say…’oh how vain and superficial’. But let’s be honest, we all study pics don’t we? It’s just human nature. We connect with our eyes first. I’m still not sure people realize this considering the bad pictures we see out there. Remember my earlier post?

The point is, you want to make sure someone takes a great pic of you looking your BEST and you want to stay clear of fuzzy pics taken far away. Leave that to people not reading this post. Try to stick to these pics:

  • High definition shots –  Pictures taken with a high definition camera  always attract more attention. People will always  look at these before any others since the clarity is nice on the eyes. Try to stay away from pictures taken with low-quality camera phones.
  • Action shots – are great since they show you being active and fun.
  • Head shots – people love being able to see your face by itself. The face tells a lot about a person. So it automatically draws people in. People want to see the eyes and facial expression. Do include body shots as additional pics so that people can see all of you. P.S. It’s only fair that people know your body type in advance. More importantly, you want someone that will like you for YOU.
  • Black and white photos – there’s something very sexy about black and white pics. They tend to attract a lot of attention. As you can see, I’m a fan. I always use black and white pics as my profile and avatar pics. However, whatever you do, stay away from pics with any other types of special effects. We think you’re hiding something and it doesn’t attract.

2 – Make Your Profile STAND OUT

Be creative. Take a minute and scroll thru online profiles of members of your SAME sex on the online dating site and check out what they’re doing. What could you do be doing differently to get attention?

For example, if most women have pictures of themselves with friends as their main profile picture use a picture of you by yourself in yours. Or if a lot of them have full body shots, use a head shot. Make a statement. Do something that makes you unique.

3 – Make Your Interests Sound… Interesting!

Skip the boring stuff  – like what you do for a living. That doesn’t make you who you are. That just pays your bills. What people DO want to see is what positivefun and different things you can bring to the table. That’s what they’re skimming for when they’re reading your profile. They want to know what they can learn from you. And yes, we all have things we can teach someone.

More importantly, the point is to be passionate about it. Even if all you do is watch TV all day, you can spice it up. It’s all about how you sell it. For example, if you love watching Hell’s Kitchen and you just say ‘I watch Hell’s Kitchen’ well that’s kinda boring… anyone can say that. But if you say ‘I’m determined to make a mean beef wellington like they do on Hell’s Kitchen’ well, now people are intrigued. Now you made an impression. Now you’re memorable. Even if you never do step foot in a kitchen in your life, the point is you have passion and drive.  That’s what people want to see on your profile.

4 – Speak from the Heart 

Nothing is more attractive than plain ol’ honesty. People want to see the human side of you. Your online dating profile shouldn’t look or sound like a formal, robotic resume (eww). It should sound like you… speaking from the heart. Pretend like you’re talking to your sibling or a friend. After you’ve given some facts about yourself even dare to throw in a one liner that is unexpected and hits a soft spot – like, ‘I sometimes crave a hug’. That works for men and women…easily!

5 – Use Words That Sound Passionate

Your online dating profile should be full of words such as: love, crazy aboutamazingsweet… you know what I mean. The more words you use like this, the more feelings come across and the more human you sound. This is SO important with online dating since we’ve stripped away the human interaction of getting to know someone. You can’t read facial expressions or tone online so all you’re left with is WORDS. It is so important to try to apply as much emotion the words on your profile as much as possible.

6 – Keep Them Wanting More

Don’t write too much. Don’t write too little. Give enough information on your online dating profile where people are intrigued and want to learn more about you. Read it again several times before you post it. Have someone of the opposite sex read it. Ask them honestly… Does it sound intriguing?

Happy Dating!

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James colleen
Posted on 5/29/21 10:44 AM.
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