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Low Self Esteem: 19 Signs of Low Self Esteem

A low self esteem is not attractive. That’s the bottom line. Men and women alike sense a low self-esteem from miles away and they’ll run for the hills as soon as they realize you have no confidence in… yourself.

Here are some things you might be doing which indicate to the opposite sex you have low self-esteem.
1. You constantly seek approval and ask others if you look OK. (If you knew you looked good, you wouldn’t be asking).

2. You always look around to see if people are checking you out. (Does it matter?)

3. You copy what your friends wear. (Be different).

4. You buy things simply because of the label – even if you think it’s ugly and even if it IS ugly.

Exhibit 1:

(P.S. Who is this guy anyway? If he wants you to be a walking advertisement of his name and initials, he should pay YOU).

5. You’re afraid to be an individual – you fear people may laugh at you. (It takes someone with creativity and courage to start a trend. Make a statement!).

6. You never state your opinion for fear of ridicule. (It’s OK to have an opinion, it means you have a brain).

7. You don’t hang out with people that aren’t physically attractive. (Ugh)

8. You look down and slump your shoulders when you walk. (Momma always said look up and stand tall).

9. You get jealous when someone pays your friend a compliment. (Try paying them a compliment, too. It actually feels good).

10. You get jealous when your friends succeed. (Congratulate. Success will come to you, too).

11. You give your friends the cold shoulder when they find love. (Try working harder to find someone for yourself).

12. You get upset when your love interest says someone else is attractive. (It doesn’t mean you’re not attractive).

13. You wear barely there clothes to get attention. (The best looking men and women get attention wearing a snowsuit).

14. Attractive people intimidate you, so you avoid them. (You might learn something from them).

15. Successful people intimidate you. (You might learn a LOT from them).

16. You’re a man and afraid to approach a woman. You fear rejection, so you give up. (If you don’t keep trying you’ll end up alone).

17. You keep terrible friends. (If you hang out with them, it really does say a lot about you. Not to mention, you’ll never succeed in life or love).

19. You date losers over and over again. (Get rid of them. Find someone better)

It’s time to work on feeling better about yourself today! Find out How to Gain Confidence

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James colleen
Posted on 5/29/21 10:45 AM.
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