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Traveling and discovering Ho Chi Minh City

Traveling, discovering and exploring come in the same path of holidaying! Ho Chi Minh City, the land secured by the slopes and mountains and the mother ocean delivers a wide-stretched experience and provides the right meaning for holidaying! Tourists can fly directly to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) by applying visa to Vietnam online.
Ho Chi Minh City is a cultural spot follows the celebrated authentic culture as well as influenced by the contemporary western culture. As Ho Chi Minh City is seem to be a cultural hub holding too many traditions and giving space for new and modern cultures there are so many things to discover here and of course a variety of cuisines to taste.

Food Tour
Ho Chi Minh City is the best destination to explore various types of food, namely Cantonese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Western and International.

  • There are many multi-cuisine restaurants in the town where you can make the dining absolutely memorable by ordering all the famous platters available there to enjoy the wide cultured taste.
  • Food tours are also conducted by many tour organizers, where you can expect a very ambient response from these people and can explore various food items with the recipes and the origins.
  • Food tours are mainly conducted in the food streets, markets and specialty restaurants so it will be more joyful when touring with the fellow vacationers like you.
  • Banana leaf Indian food, the saucy and the juicy Chinese menus, the baked and the grilled English dishes, the traditional Cantonese menus, the grilled and spiced dishes and other famous platters are served hot and delicious.
  • They take you to the fresh markets to taste the fresh and yummy range of fruit varieties and take you to the floating market to enjoy the lovely surroundings, the fresh fruits, the simple morning breakfast and an energetic early morning tea.

Travel to Explore Various Attractions
There are a bunch of locations in Ho Chi Minh City where you can go, visit with your folks and enjoy the vacation with the worries of routines kept aside.

  • There are places for every interest – like the pilgrim spots and the religious sites for those who are interested in Buddhism and other holy deities. People come to these wants to enjoy the ambiance and of course the architecture as well.
  • Cultural sites and monuments and museums are also there here where one can enjoy the relics and the artifacts of the city.
  • Gardens, parks, beach spots are also there to make the kids and the older kids happy
  • When exploring various sites and shopping attractions it’s always convenient to so choose a hotel close to the city center, for your accommodation such as the Rex Hotel to relish the vacation by seeing all the locations conveniently without worrying about the distance.

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